Agony Online

Agony Online

The world's first ever mix of MMORPG & 10,000 Player Battle Royale on a monumental scale.

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Open World Raid Dungeons

Raid Dungeons are timed and non-timed. Gather your group for hunting monsters and get great rewards!

AFK Systems

Even when you can't play, you can use our AFK Fishing & Mining Systems for goods.

Battle Royale

Players can choose to join Battle Royale, or continue playing the Horror MMORPG. The massive 30 Mile / 48 Kilometer apocalyptic island explodes and burns with hell fire killing 100s of players not quick enough to make it to the safe zones.


Hell has risen and taken over the world, the last of humanity is in hiding. Your family was killed and your child was tortured to death by demons. Satan then cursed you with immortality so you can never leave this Hell on Earth. You kill yourself, but after dying, you always wake up somewhere else. You find out that you're a part of a prophecy to team up with others like you to destroy Satan in a final battle to save the world.


World Size (miles)





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